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Bernardette Holmes is currently advising the government on curriculum reform for modern languages and is drafter of the new GCSE criteria for both modern and ancient languages.

25 March 2013: Languages 2014 – 2025: are we set fair for the challenge? The real significance of Language Trends

UK Government

British Academy

Born Global: Rethinking Language Policy for 21st Century Britain

As a key project in the British Academy’s Language Programme, Born Global has been established to develop a deeper understanding of how language is used in the workplace for different purposes, by employees of different levels of skill and accountability. Following years of declining capability in language competence in education and recurrent reports of high levels of employer demand for language skills, Born Global will elicit new knowledge about the language needs for employment to inform government language policy development, the current national curriculum review for England and future developments in Higher Education language curricula and assessment. Bernadette Holmes is the Principal Researcher.

23 September 2013: Born Global Launch presentation (pdf)


Speak to the Future

The campaign has five clear and ambitious objectives that set out the value of learning and using other languages in all sectors of education and at all stages of life. For each objective, the campaign has formed a working group of leading experts in the field.
Bernadette Holmes is the Campaign Director and leads the working group for the 3rd objective: A basic working knowledge of at least two languages including English for every child leaving secondary school.

22 August 2013: EBacc to the future? Languages results rise at GCSE but is the crisis really over?

Speak to the Future

ARCH Academy

CLERA have designed and will deliver a new addition to the ARCH Academy’s range of educational courses for the 2014 Summer Programme. The Cambridge Pre-International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, an intensive 40-hour, two-week programme is an introductory course for students in Hong Kong considering studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP).

Arch Education


CUDC offers continuous support in the promotion of exchange and interactions between China-UK outstanding youths in the areas of education, language, culture and science.

CLERA was contracted by the University of Cambridge Language Centre to design and deliver the Engineering modules on Academic Writing and Presenting for the CUDC 2013 Summer Programme ‘Cambridge Academic Development Seminar’.

China UK Development Council

University of Cambridge Language Centre

Arsenal Double Club

Bernardette Holmes is language advisor and consultant the to the Arsenal Double Club, an innovative education and football programme which teaches a range of languages combined with football coaching. It aims to inspire and motivate pupils at primary and secondary level using Arsenal and football to show pupils that language learning can be achievable, rewarding and, above all, fun!

Arsenal Double Club